BREAKING: Protester Gets Under Hillary’s Skin…She Goes 100% BALLISTIC! [WATCH]

With only a few days to go before the final tally of votes is taken in the presidential elections of 2016, November 8th will be a momentous date in American history because this election will decide whether we continue down the road to a New World Order under Socialism or take the steps to preserve our grand Constitutional form of government and remain free.

Under the leadership of Hillary Clinton, the Democrats hope to retain their control of the highest office in America. With the direction America will be heading for the next 4 to possibly 8 years after two terms of Barack Obama, America may never be able undo the damage caused by another Marxist in the White House.

Now, more people are expressing their contempt for how Bill and Hillary Clinton have stretched their slimy tentacles of corruption across America—and Hillary’s rallies are evidence of that. At a recent event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, protesters let Hillary know just what they think of her and Bill.

From the Daily Caller:

The Democratic nominee had just started speaking at her third rally of the day in Delvoe Memorial Park in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday when a man in the crowd stood and waved a neon green sign in the air and yelled, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!”

Clinton — about three minutes into her speech — jabbed her finger at the man and began shouting.

 “You know, I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous behavior of people who support Donald Trump,” Clinton said. “It is time for us to say, ‘No! We are not going backwards. We are going forward into a brighter future.’”

“For the next seven days, focus on what’s important,” she told the crowd of about four thousand.

“Don’t get distracted. Don’t get diverted.”

Hillary has a knack for turning criticism into a positive and having a “protester” in the audience (probably a plant) shouting  “Bill is a rapist” gives her the opportunity to chastise Trump supporters as negative, dark, divisive and dangerous.

And all this time we thought it was Hillary who was being negative, dark, divisive and dangerous in her comments about Donald Trump!

Source: Allen B West

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