BREAKING: Republicans PREPARE Yourselves! Liberals SCHEMING To…

During the presidential debates, we witnessed the arrogant left media and the democrat party ask Donald Trump if he would accept and abide by the election results, as they assumed the win was Hillary’s.

When Trump responded with an unfavorable answer , they erupted with anger and accusations — pretty much the same as with every other answer Trump gave to their baited questions.

Oh how the tables have turned! With election results different from their expectations, the media and Clinton have acted out in the way they were mad at Trump for saying he’d do.

And not only are they acting poorly, they are now scheming as to how to reverse it!

Allen B. West characterizes what Trump’s win means to President Obama:

For Barack Obama, his legacy as president is Donald J. Trump — not a single policy achievement will be left standing by 2019. The only reminder of Obama’s existence as president will be his portrait. He may have exhibits in his presidential library, but much like the cavemen, his “accomplishments” will be extinct. That has Obama fuming, as his ego is quite large, no more pictures with his chin up in defiant mode like Benito Mussolini.

West then gives us a little more insight into what a Trump win means to Hillary and the progressive left:

Make no mistake: the election of Donald Trump by the American people is a repudiation of progressive socialism, Obama’s fundamental transformation. And Hillary Clinton is throwing a temper tantrum that rivals any four-year-old in the cereal lane of the grocery store; 0-2 running for president. And what’s worse, the Clinton crime cartel has been exposed and is done, it cannot peddle influence as the swamp in which they muddied themselves shall be drained.

Along with Obama and Clinton, the liberal progressive media is confounded and embarrassed. If you were watching any left-leaning media outlet Tuesday night, they were in a state of shock, denial and that will soon turn to anger. They’ve truly lost all credibility as we come to learn about collusion with the Clinton campaign, and we already knew of their insidious and obvious bias. 

Tuesday night was supposed to be chock full of their laughing and derision of Trump and his supporters in the most denigrating of monikers. They were supposed to celebrate some “historic” moment and pop the corks on bottles of champagne…and start planning what expensive gowns they would wear for the inaugural parties.

West believes the Hillary Marxists will begin concentrating on the upcoming mid-term elections across the nation to get more progressives into office both nationally and in states where Republicans have held most of the control.

Progressives aren’t giving up by any means and we can expect a strong attack from them in the future. Our response should be to get behind Trump and pressure Congress to approve whatever he needs to repeal and undo the damage to our REPUBLIC that Obama’s DEMOCRACY has caused!

Source: Allen B West





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