BREAKING: Secret Service RUSHES Trump From Rally Stage…Violent Protester SUBDUED! [WATCH]

This is breaking news from Donald Trump’s rally in Reno, Nevada.

As Donald Trump was firing up a large crowd in the swing state of Nevada on Saturday night, only three days before the election, Trump called out a protester.  He asked how much Hillary Clinton was paying him to disrupt their rally, just as they had in the past.

A minute later, Trump looks out amidst the bright lights for a moment before two Secret Service agents whisked Trump off the stage.  Then other agents and security seemed to subdue the apparent security threat, which was not far from the stage itself.  The crowd is then seen running away from the point of commotion.  All of this was caught on camera.  From a contact via Right Side Broadcasting, there are unconfirmed reports that a firearm and a shooter could have been part of this scene. Watch below:

Everyone, no matter what political stripe, should be thankful for the Secret Service and the measures they take to protect our presidential candidates and keep dangerous people from causing harm and destruction.

Source: YouTube

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