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BREAKING: She Starts REVOLT Against Liberals…Leftist Are FREAKING Out!
By Barry Dillinger|December 14, 2016

One could argue that there is no greater Liberal State than California. Its nickname, the “Left Coast”, oddly endears it to Progressives around the world. What this cutesy nickname doesn’t convey is the deep-seated hatred that Liberals in this State have for those who dare to disagree with their politics.

Donald Trump is one of those people that the Left abhors. They will practically fall into hysterics at the mere sight of his name chalked on the pavement at their feet. His electoral spanking of Hillary in November has proven too much for these Snowflakes as they continue to melt on impact of a free and fair election. To offer a small amount of consolation to the losers in the Democrat Party, the California legislature has decided to extend an olive branch to its supporters in the form of an anti-Trump resolution that condemns him and his Kryptonite-like “hate speech”.

California State Assemblymember, Melissa A. Melendez, a Republican representing District 67 in Southern California, had an opportunity to address the legislative meeting, taking a few minutes to not only denounce said resolution, but also to throw in a few statistics of her own.

“Our President-elect has yet to assume office,” she began. “He doesn’t even take office for 46 days and already we have a resolution that seeks to flare up tensions between communities and make accusations of things that haven’t even been done yet. He’s not in office yet. I want to put this into perspective for you since there were so many here who were so supportive of President Obama…in the history of this country, [he] has deported more illegal immigrants than any other president. And not one person in here has spoken up against that. Not one!”

Louder With Crowder added:

California, like most leftists, promptly rushed to label Trump’s plans as “HATE SPEECH!” Hence the disavowing going on already. In the meantime, they forgot to actually take a look at said plans. As Melissa points out in the video, Trump’s immigration policy could help in the long run. Still, campaign promises do not a border wall make.

While this Assemblymember deserves a huge “thank you” from Team Trump, she is nevertheless keeping small company in the Golden State on the Island of Republican Misfits surrounded by highly deadly and poisonous sea-donkeys, prepared to eat their young in lean times (and of course pass on the cost to the taxpayers). Low tide will arrive one day and wash those Liberal monsters away, but don’t hold your breath for that to happen anytime soon.

Source: Louder With Crowder

Barry Dillinger
Husband, Father of 5, Veteran in US Army under 3 Presidents (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield), Screenwriter, Novelist
Husband, Father of 5, Veteran in US Army under 3 Presidents (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield), Screenwriter, Novelist
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