BREAKING: Shock Poll Shows One Candidate WAY UP…No One Expected THIS!

The left must be in full panic mode. It was a stretch from the start to think that the next president would be another democrat. History tells us that Republicans have always dominated American politics, particularly the White House.

That’s usually because when a Democrat is given a chance to lead, they screw it up. Just follow the history of American presidents since WWII. After a radical liberal takes office, usually due to a charismatic campaign, they are quickly replaced by very strong, very traditional conservatives.

Truman was replaced by Eisenhower. Lyndon Johnson was replaced by Nixon. Carter was replaced by Reagan. Clinton was replaced by Bush. See the pattern?

Democrats come to power usually after a weaker republican holds office, often a replacement of a strong leader, like in the cases of Ford and Bush Sr. But after the dust settles, Americans realize the mistake they made and vote for a conservative next time around.

It’s happening again. After eight years of broken promises and one of the worst-run administrations in U.S. history, Americans are clamoring for stability, confidence, and strong leadership.

Where do they turn to? The Republicans of course. And the polls are reflecting that.

From Breitbart:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is maintaining his lead in the L.A. Times daily tracking poll, now sitting at an even 47 percent. His opponent Hillary Clinton has 42.4 percent.

Trump has maintained a steady lead in the poll since he passed Clinton on Sept. 13, despite going up or down a couple of points.

Even if we didn’t have a figure as bold and strong as Trump, Hillary would have a very poor chance of winning the election. She is coming off of a failed democratic administration (that she was a large part of). She is generally unliked by the public after years of a poor reputation. And she’s been the center of numerous scandals, investigations, and health scares in recent months.

The only advantage she has is a generally complicit media and large donors.

Trump, on the other hand, is a successful businessman, leader, and pop culture personality. He is leading an effective campaign by cutting through the usual politics and appealing directly to the American voter. Confidence is high that he has what it takes to fix our corrupt system and, as he puts it, make American great again.

Even liberal polls reflect that.

Source: Breitbart

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