BREAKING: State To Expand Law To Affect Muslim Women…Opposition Claiming Islamophobia!

One of the hallmarks of Donald Trump’s campaign was to fight the spread of radical Islam in America. Now that he has a clear mandate from voters, it looks like other politicians across the nation have been given the confidence to pursue legislation directed to that end.

For example, many states already have “anti-masking” laws on the books that were designed to thwart the KKK. Now one lawmaker in Georgia wants to expand the scope of that legislation.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Women would be barred from wearing burqas and veils while posing for photos on Georgia driver’s liscenses under legislation filed for the upcoming session of the General Assembly.

House Bill 3, filed by state Rep. Jason Spencer, R-Woodbine, would also subject female Muslim garb to the state’s anti-masking statute — which originally was aimed at the Ku Klux Klan.

Critics point out that wearing Muslim face coverings in drivers license photos is already prohibited. Furthermore:

The proposal is likely to become entangled with the broader debate over “religious liberty” legislation likely to be reintroduced in the General Assembly session that begins Jan. 9.

Spencer told the media that his proposal “is simply a response to constituents that do have concerns of the rise of Islamic terrorism, and we in the state of Georgia do not want our laws used against us and to take advantage of us.”

Already, those opposed to the bill are crying “Islamophobia.” Whatever the practical merits of Spencer’s legislation, let’s hope lawmakers aren’t swayed by such tired, politically correct insults.

Credit: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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