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BREAKING: Student Dares To Face His Anti-Trump Professor…Now He’s Facing…
By Barry Dillinger|December 14, 2016

A student in a Human Sexuality Class in Orange Coast College was recently catapulted into controversy when he decided to record the professor who was spouting anti-Trump rhetoric. During the rant, she compared Americans voting their conscience to “an act of terrorism” while remarking that Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was a White Supremacist and Vice President-elect Mike Pence was the most “anti-gay politician” in the United States.

The professor, Olga Perez Stable Cox (stable? or anything but?), badgered the students to the point that the recording was posted online where it immediately went viral. At this point, the Young Republicans club on campus filed a lawsuit against the professor, demanding an apology.

In retaliation, the teacher’s union responded with a threat to expel or suspend the student for breaking school rules.  However, there was even more to the story, as two other students, Tanner Webb and Noah Ferber, spoke up and revealed their fear of retaliation, as reported by CBS 2 Local Reporter Stacey Butler:

“Webb said what happened after the video was turned off that had him squirming in his seat.  He said the professor asked Trump supporters to stand up.  ‘She was saying dehumanizing things about Trump supporters,’ Webb says, ‘and nobody felt like they could stand up. Me, in fear of my grade. And then she said, I bet none of you will stand up because you’re embarrassed for yourselves. The rest of the class should look out for them and know who to protect themselves from.’”

Louder With Crowder makes a further point:

Since Election night, liberals have been coming out in droves to support those who “feel unsafe.” You’ve probably seen them. The safety pin brigade. It’s noble of them, especially considering all the conservatives who have been under attack these past few weeks. Just kidding. Those same liberals who want everyone to feel safe? They’re the ones targeting conservatives.

Turns out that the whole safety pin thing might have been a good idea, considering that it appears such safety pins will come in quite handy when all the Leftist diapers have to be changed.  And, man, that’s a lot of you know what!

Source: Louder With Crowder

Barry Dillinger
Husband, Father of 5, Veteran in US Army under 3 Presidents (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield), Screenwriter, Novelist
Husband, Father of 5, Veteran in US Army under 3 Presidents (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield), Screenwriter, Novelist
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