BREAKING: Terror in Munich, 10 Dead…You Won’t Believe Obama’s SHOCKING Reaction!

The leader of the free world is responsible for responding to world events in a calm, dignified manner.  Every president in the modern era, no matter what party they identified with, were at least men of moral stature.

Well, every president until this one.

Obama knows how to turn a phrase.  He can charm a crowd.  But apparently the leader of the free world doesn’t know when it’s a bad time to do this.  Daily Mail reports:

Barack Obama delivered a brief update to reporters at the White House about the still-unfolding shooting rampage that left the German city on lockdown.

As news reports of a gun massacre in Munich crossed the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, the President of the United States was cracking jokes.\

But as cameras rolled on the somber moment, Obama grinned and chuckled – and drew laughs from his audience – about his elder daughter Malia leaving the nest and heading for college.

Mr. Obama, I think I speak for everyone when I say, get a grip.  Every life lost to radical Islamic terrorism is a serious matter.  How could you mix jokes with this? The media is going to try to spin this off, so here’s the full conversation for you to decide:

After a pause, he reflected on the impact of the potentially terror-related attacks, and others like it, on Americans.

‘It’s a good reminder of something that I’ve said over the last couple of weeks,’ Obama said, launching into a list of ordinary daily-life activities that are threatened in the absence of good police and intelligence work.

‘Our way of life, our freedoms,’ he said, ‘our ability to go about our business every day, raising our kids’ – and suddenly the president’s mood shifted.

‘And seeing them grow up and graduate from high school, and now about to leave their dad,’ he continued, waving his hand and breaking the tension as the room erupted in laughter.

‘I’m sorry. I’m getting a little too personal. Getting a little too personal there,’ he said.

I’m pretty sure you agree—that was shocking and despicable.  There is no way a man who won the Nobel Peace Prize acts this way.


Source: Daily Mail

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