BREAKING: The 1st Debate Has Begun…And Trump Strikes FIRST BLOOD!

The first presidential debate of 2016 has begun, and while some predicted it could be a snoozefest, that just isn’t the case.

It’s getting hot between Trump and Clinton tonight.

Trump is looking sharp, has been full of ideas, and is quick to respond to Hillary’s attacks, while Hillary, so far, sounds like a tape recorder.

And she wasn’t watching for his right hook—it’s a mean one.  He struck first blood tonight by challenging Hillary’ support of NAFTA and her total lack of ideas while she has served our country.  Via HotAir:

Not only does Trump point out that she has made no change in the last 30 years, but she has clearly been for NAFTA and the upcoming TPP that Democrats are furiously divided on.

Trump is proving to be up to the challenge so far tonight.

Source: HotAir

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