BREAKING: The FINAL Polls Just Dropped…And Donald Is SPEECHLESS!

This has been one wild ride, but it’s finally coming to an epic conclusion.  No one is sure how it will end between Trump and Clinton on Tuesday night, or even if this will be all over come Wednesday.

But as we near the exit of the roller coaster and discover the likely future of our country, one poll that has seemed more reliable than most is weighing in with their numbers.

What’s inside is enough to make any freedom-loving American smile.

From the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Time “Daybreak” poll:


Donald Trump has taken a firm lead over Hillary Clinton, maintaining the strong bounceback he has enjoyed since a few days before the FBI announcement and recovering from a brief, small downturn at the end of this week.  He is commanding this lead just outside the margin for error.  Other national polls have Trump slightly down or slightly up, but they all confirm this significant swing towards Donald.  He now leads in every major age group:


How he could be leading among every age group and still lose the race would be hard to explain.  Also very telling is a change in people’s expectations of the race over the last few weeks:


The media has once again begun to lose the battle in framing the race as already won by Hillary.  She has been hammered by Wikileaks and the FBI over the last week, and now state polls are showing she could lose many states that leaned Democrat.

Now is not the time to sit back and watch.  For those who have not yet voted, they need to make plans to get to the polls.  The side that gets unfocused, lazy or overconfident in a tight race will surely lose.  The numbers are looking good for Trump right now, but only a strong close will seal the deal.

Source: LA Times

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