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BREAKING: The REAL Reason Behind Jill Stein’s Recount EXPOSED…She’s HUMILIATED!
By PJ Editor|December 11, 2016

There have been countless theories on why Jill Stein really wanted a recount. All of them have seemed extreme, or ridiculous, until now.

This latest theory, however,  makes total sense.

How much have you heard about Jill Stein in the last couple of weeks? Many people didn’t even really know who she was until she started making such a fuss demanding recounts, now almost the entire country is aware of who she is.

And this is most likely the exact outcome Jill Stein was hoping to get. She wanted publicity like she had never received and like she never would’ve gotten if she had just disappeared quietly after the election.

According to Townhall…

Recounts bring Stein publicity that eluded her on the trail…

Stein is now gaining arguably more attention than she ever did on the campaign trail by pushing for recounts of the presidential contest in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. She has claimed, without concrete evidence, that the voting systems there are vulnerable to tampering and that a recount would reassure voters.A judge in Michigan ended the recount this week, ruling Stein lacked standing. “We may be moving out of the court of law, but we’re moving into the court of public opinion,” Stein told dozens of supporters Saturday in Detroit.

A recount is underway in Wisconsin, and a judge is set to rule Monday on whether one can begin in Pennsylvania. Stein said efforts to stop the recounts will only increase voters’ distrust in the system…

Her critics, including President-elect Donald Trump, charge she is running a scam to raise her profile and rake in money for another presidential run. She has raised more than $7 million to help cover the costs of the recounts, double what she raised for her presidential campaign.Although, for her part, Stein denies she’s trying to boost her profile.

We’ll just see about that Jill.


Source: Townhall

PJ Editor