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BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Makes Huge Move Against Illegal Immigration. There Will Be No More…
By PJ Editor|November 21, 2016

Don’t you wish life came with a “sanctuary city?”

Somewhere you could go anytime you did something wrong. You could just retreat to this cozy little place, relax and know that your mistakes or indiscretions will go away, without repercussion?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? That’s what mayors and/or police are allowing in some major U.S. cities. And Trump’s newly appointed attorney general plans on cracking down on this ridiculousness.

According to The Washington Post:

Sen. Jeff Sessions is on record saying so-called “sanctuary cities” that protect illegal immigrants should be prosecuted. He himself may get that chance next year.

Mr. Sessions is president-elect Donald Trump’s pick to be the next attorney general, and if he’s confirmed, he will mark a 180-degree turn from the Obama administration on a host of issues, but nowhere more so than on immigration, where he’s been the Senate’s leading crackdown proponent.

From his first day in office, Mr. Sessions will have the power to strip some federal funding from sanctuary cities, thanks to rulings this year by the Justice Department’s inspector general, who said federal law requires localities to cooperate with immigration agents — and who provided an initial list of a handful of the worst offenders.

…Mr. Sessions was a strong ally of Mr. Trump during the presidential campaign, and was given his pick of posts as a reward. He was deciding between defense secretary and attorney general, and late last week he went with the latter.

“He is a world-class legal mind,” Mr. Trump said in nominating him.

Better find a new hiding place.

Source: The Washington Post

PJ Editor
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