BREAKING: Trump Campaign Office FIREBOMBED! All The Evidence Points To…

It’s safe to say that this year’s presidential election has been stressful. As millions of honest Americans fight to take back their country from corruption, power-hungry politicians, the other side fights back with every dirty trick in the book.

We’ve had to tolerate a multitude of unjust attacks from the left and their complicit media. We’ve been called racist, as radical black groups burn our cities. We’ve been called xenophobic, as illegals kill our children. We’ve been called Islamophobic as numerous ISIS-supporters murdered innocent Americans.

And our leaders have been called sexist, as theirs have actually raped and sexually assaulted women.

Yet time and again conservative America has stood tall in the face of ugly, un-American tactics from the regressive left. So as we march to a sure victory in November, they’re resorting to the most pathetic attacks possible.

From HuffPo:

Police in North Carolina are investigating the firebombing and vandalism of a local Republican Party office in which the perpetrators threw “flammable material” through the window and spray-painted a swastika on an adjacent building.

The incident occurred overnight Saturday at the GOP headquarters of Orange County in the town of Hillsborough, about 40 miles northwest of Raleigh.

The building next to the GOP office was vandalized as well, with the words “Nazi Republicans leave town or else” with a large swastika beside it. This is what the left does when thy get desperate. Even with biased media throwing slander at every turn, they are losing.

GOP front runner Donald Trump is winning debates, packing in theaters, and motivating a new generation of voters. Even with rigged polls and lying news stories, he is winning.

So the left is resorting to their most basic nature: violence and vandalism.

What if there was someone working late in that office? What if they ran out for their lives? Would the vandals have beaten them to death in front of their burning office? This is what our nation has come to: liberals so vile and desperate, that they no choice but to become bullies.

Now more than ever we must stand up for our convictions. We cannot allow anyone to intimidate us for making American great again. We will rise up from these pathetic attacks and take back our country from socialist globalists that wish to erase our borders and our freedoms.

Source: HuffPo

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