BREAKING: Trump Is GAINING Fast…CNN Forced To Move 2 States Out Of The ‘BLUE’ Column!

Some great news for Donald Trump fans, and it comes from the most unlikely source:

CNN, otherwise known as “the Clinton News Network.”

Everyone on both sides is talking about “battleground states,” where candidates are vying for every last vote in order to rack up the all-important Electoral College win. To reflect changing political fortunes, CNN was forced to recategorize two important states:

Western Journalism reports:

On Thursday, CNN moved Florida and Nevada out of the “leaning Democratic” column in response to new polls that showed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gaining in each state. A Bloomberg poll in Florida showed Trump leading there. An NBC poll showed Nevada as a dead heat.

Utah, Arizona, Ohio and North Carolina are the other states CNN lists as battlegrounds.

“We’re seeing some definite trending in tightening up this race,” pollster John Zogby said, who said that as Florida goes, the nation may follow.

Zogby added that the next state to watch is Ohio, where Trump just wound up a whirlwind series of campaign stops with big, enthusiastic crowds.

A poll by Remington Research carried out before Trump’s visit to that state already showed him leading Hillary 46 to 42 percent, with all candidates factored in.

Other polls indicate that Trump is also the preferred choice of independents, by a significant margin.

Source: Western Journalism

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