BREAKING: Trump HAMMERS Hillary In New Video…It Just BLEW UP The Internet! [WATCH]

With the election drawing to a close both candidates are mounting their strongest efforts yet to convince American voters they deserve to be president.

If you’ve watched any amount of television over the last week, you’ve probably gotten into the habit of muting the commercials whenever Hillary’s face popped up.  As in all elections it gets hard to endure in the final weeks.

Both candidates are pulling out there big guns to denigrate the other and prop themselves up.

A recent ad has hit the Internet, highlighting the Anthony Weiner scandal that has reopened Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation.  It questions Hillary’s integrity as president, in light of the controversy.

According to The Right Scoop, this new ad is from the Trump campaign. But despite the “I’m Donald Trump” bit at the end, we cannot verify that this is an official ad or if it will air anywhere on television.

The ad is hosted on a “Team Trump” YouTube channel, not the official Donald Trump for President channel.

Trump has been focusing his most recent campaign efforts on the issues but clearly he is not going to let this massive scandal go quiet because of a complicit media.  Americans need to know all the facts and consider whether someone the FBI is seriously investigating for crimes against our nation deserves their vote.

Source: YouTube

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