BREAKING: Trump Launches GENIUS New Website…And It’s BLOWING UP The Internet!

The Internet is the world’s greatest source for information on just about any subject there is. From repairing cars to giving first aid and now, showing the world what politicians really think about the issues and the people they supposedly represent.

What better way to convict someone of wrongdoing or at least make politicians admit the truth about what they’ve said and done, than by giving the whole world access to a website set up for the purpose of allowing voters to see the truth for themselves.

Well, the Republican people’s favorite, Donald Trump, has done just that.

From the Conservative Tribune:

In a move that is as hilarious as it is awesome, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump just launched a new website utilizing the names of his Democrat opponent and her running mate in order to spread the word of their hypocrisy and just how wrong they and their policies are for America.

Here’s the link to the website: “

The Trump campaign is showing some true ingenuity in using the names of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine on a website that exposes their bad policies and their hypocrisy. The links on the site direct readers to “various other media outlets and the Republican Party’s own website, where articles can be read exposing Clinton and Kaine for the corrupt career politicians they are, often in their own words.  

What better way to hold Hillary’s feet to the fire than by using her own words? Let’s see her squirm out out of this one!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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