BREAKING: Trump Narrows Choice for SoS…Anti-Terrorist EXPERT on TOP!!

After a year and a half of hard campaigning to win the American vote, Trump and his team face the challenge of transitioning into the White House.

The government holds an estimated 4,000 positions, many of which oversee major agencies, shaping how our federal government will function for the next four years and that Trump directly has to appoint the leader.

Perhaps, the most important roles to fill are that of his closest advisors and cabinet members. His selection process has begun, but speculation remains over the still-to-be-announced appointees. Whomever it is, though, we can safely say the men and women who served him during the campaign will be on the short list.

From Town Hall:

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has emerged as the favorite to serve as Secretary of State in Donald Trump’s incoming administration, a senior Trump official said on Monday — another indication the president-elect is putting a prize on loyalty as he narrows down his Cabinet picks.

The official, who was not authorized to speak on the record and requested anonymity, said there was no real competition for the job and that it was Giuliani’s if he wanted it. But a second official cautioned that John Bolton, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, remained in contention.

Giuliani, 72, would be an out-of-box choice to lead the State Department. A former mayor, federal prosecutor and top Trump adviser, he lacks extensive foreign policy experience. Known for his hard-line law-and-order views and brusque manner, he would set a very different tone than previous holders of the job, including Trump’s ex-rival Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.

Giuliani is a long-time friend of Trump’s and a stalwart supporter. Throughout the campaign he braved the vitriolic attacks from the left and the media, standing by the candidate during the darkest of times. He traveled across America with Trump, speaking to rallies of packed crowds. There is no question that he will serve Trump in this administration.

The role of secretary of state is very important. The SoS sets the tone for the U.S.’s foreign relations, appointing diplomats and ambassadors overseas. He will oversee trade deals and negotiate with leaders of the world. Picking Giuliani for this role will establish Trump’s goal of eradicating ISIS from the world, as Giuliani’s experience in law and order—not to mention his work as New York mayor after 9/11—makes him uniquely suited for this kind of job.

Source: Town Hall

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