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BREAKING: Trump Outmaneuvers Cruz…Picks Up Key Win In This Critical State
By PJ Editor|April 10, 2016

Ted Cruz had racked up and impressive spate of delegate wins in the often arcane, under-the radar world of Republican state politics, but that streaks seems to have come to an end.

The irony is that now it is the Cruz supporters screaming that they were double crossed and cheated.

CNN has the story…

Ted Cruz suffered a rare convention loss Saturday after delegates backing John Kasich and Donald Trump boxed him out of key positions in the Michigan delegation.

The Texas senator’s campaign ran eight delegates for eight committee spots and lost every one, alleging it was “double-crossed” by Kasich supporters.
The Michigan delegation picked one Trump supporter, Matt Hall, and one Kasich supporter, Judi Schwalbach, for the two seats on the powerful rules committee. The Cruz campaign lost votes for both seats.
Cruz’s Michigan reps are not happy, but may have made their own bed…
Michigan Cruz leader Saul Anuzis said they were “double-crossed” by Kasich’s campaign. The Kasich delegates were supposed to vote with Cruz delegates, he said, but switched sides and voted with Trump behind closed doors Saturday afternoon.
Kasich’s delegate director in Michigan, Jeff Timmer, said the Cruz campaign broke their end of the deal when they tried to win all eight delegation seats.
Source: CNN Politics
PJ Editor
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