BREAKING: Donald Trump Just STUNNED America! He Declares, ‘We Need a National…

Liberals insist that crime is down. The trouble is, other statistics show that violent crime has shot up in cities, especially those infiltrated with Black Lives Matter “protesters.” The violence and discord they spread has led local police to scale back their crime fighting efforts, creating a vicious cycle of crime.

Donald Trump has proudly called himself “the law and order candidate.” He doesn’t care how “old fashioned” or “fascistic” that sounds to delicate progressive ears, and his fans love it. Now he’s unveiled his strategy to bring a sense of security back to American communities:

“This is a national crisis,” Trump said during a speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Thursday. He said it is the job of the president to address the crisis and save African American lives.

Trump touted former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s policies that he says brought down the crime rate by 76 percent and murder rate in New York City by more than 80 percent.

“We need a national anti-crime agenda to make our cities safe again,” Trump stressed. “Safety is the foundation of the ladder to American success.”

Trump also praised law enforcement, as he’s done throughout his campaign. They have returned the favor, with many police and law enforcement organizations issuing official endorsements.

However, Giuliani’s “Broken Windows” strategy, considered a great success by many ordinary New Yorkers (and millions of happy tourists), still rankles leftists who believe reducing graffiti, littering and so forth made the city less “colorful” and “exciting.” That sounds insane, but remember: These are the same elites who run the elite media and academic establishment. Their views hold a lot of sway, and if they can convince enough voters that Trump’s plan will usher in a “racist” “police state,” it could mean trouble for the Republicans.

Source: Breitbart

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