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BREAKING: Trump Team LEAKS 4 More Cabinet Picks: The WINNERS Are…
By PJ Editor|November 20, 2016

Speculation has been rife among Trump supporters and detractors as well as in the media about who he will pick for top government jobs.

Now word is leaking out that he is about to make some YUGE appointments!

We’ve got the latest on who will head four of the most important departments and they are AWESOME!

As The Daily Caller reports…

Donald Trump wants Gen. James Mattis to run the Department of Defense, Gov. Mitt Romney to run the State Department, and Steven Mnuchin to run the Treasury Department.

That’s according to a source with intimate knowledge of Trump’s thinking.

By Friday, Trump had narrowed down cabinet roles for Mattis to either Defense or State, but prefers Romney to take the latter job, the source tells The Daily Caller.

But wait, there’s more! In news that should have every American vet cheering, RedState reports…

Scott Brown is in the running to be the U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the former U.S. senator said President-elect Donald Trump told him Friday.

“He said he’s making his highest recommendation to his committee that they consider me,” said Brown, who endorsed Trump shortly before the presidential primary in New Hampshire, where Brown ran unsuccessfully for Senate in 2014. Trump won a runaway victory in the state.

Far from nominating political cronies, Trump is picking political outsiders, rebels and experts to fill the ranks of what will be the most professional and capable cabinet in modern American history!

Sources: Daily Caller, RedState

PJ Editor
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