BREAKING: Trump Unveils STUNNING Plans For NASA…And Americans Are CHEERING!

Once again we’ve seen record numbers of people gather to hear GOP nominee Donald Trump speak at a rally. Despite the media’s attempts to discredit him, or polls that skew the numbers to discourage his supporters, the fact remains that he is surging with support.

With each rally, Trump shares his vision of America’s future, one that is free of globalist agenda and corrupt politicians. You can’t blame millions of Americans rallying behind the outsider. Citizens have grown tired of “business as usual” in D.C.  They’ve become disillusioned by the broken promises of the Obama administration.

And they are in desperate need for a change.

In this recent rally, Trump used the opportunity to share some new plans for our country, including the space program.

From Click Orlando:

Thousands attended a campaign rally Tuesday afternoon for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at Orlando-Sanford International Airport…

One of Trump’s press event organizers at the airport told News 6 he estimated the crowd to be about 10,000 people. Supporters were still in line outside the hangar, waiting to get in, as Trump’s plane touched down…

At the rally, Trump promised to invest in space exploration and Florida’s Space Coast.

“We will substantially expand public-private partnerships to the maximum funding available for space exploration,” Trump said. “This means launching and operating major space operations right here that employ thousands and spur economic growth. I will free NASA from the restriction of serving as a logistics agency for low earth orbit activity… Instead we will focus its mission on space exploration.”

Many have criticized Obama’s treatment of NASA, which saw the death of the Shuttle Program and resources being given to private businesses. A return to the thriving era of space exploration, like in the 1960’s, would buoy Florida’s economy and help put America in the forefront of this industry once again.

In an election that focused on some very close to earth topics, the issue of exploring space has certainly been put on the back burner. But ever since the time of JFK, the United States has led the charge in reaching out to our Solar system.

Perhaps a new era of space exploration will emerge, should Trump be elected.

Source: Click Orlando

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