BREAKING: Trump Video Ignites Political FIRESTORM…Here’s Donald’s STUNNING Response!

Straight from Donald Trump: “Certainly has been an interesting 24 hours!”  Yes, Donald, it has been.

Major bombshells were released in the lead up to the 2nd presidential debate between Donald and Hillary.  The information against Hillary included the content of her speeches in recent years to companies like Goldman Sachs, which were hidden until now.  It shows us Hillary playing both sides, championing the too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks and admitting she has both public and private policy positions.

The leaked video of Donald Trump definitely more sensational, capturing a personal conversation on a hot mic in which he spoke rather lewdly of women.  Later that day Trump issued an apology on his Twitter account:

So what are we to make of this? First, Donald made these comments a decade ago and has apologized for them.  That’s a fact.  They weren’t intended for the public eye, and this is clearly one of Hillary’s biggest hit jobs to date.  October surprise? Yes it is, and even Trump’s campaign admits there could be more to come.

It’s also fair to say most people already knew that Trump is not squeaky clean, not a lifelong politician, and not prone to apologizing.  His apology seems heartfelt and it is also something said so long ago. This may not fairly represent who Trump is anymore.  We recognize that even today there has been some significant political backlash among Republicans who cannot support Trump at this time.  And for all those calling for Trump to step aside, where were they when evidence of Hillary going after Bill’s rape accusers emerged? Or his many trips to sex slave island?  They seem to stick their finger in the air and go whichever way the wind is blowing—and take their cues from Democrats, not their own principles.

But there seems little chance of Trump being replaced on the ticket over something like this, especially since the logistics would be nearly impossible.  Donald seems committed to staying on:

But more importantly, unless Trump changes his mind about being the Republican nominee, Americans have two viable options when they cast their ballot over the next month and on November 8th. One, in Hillary Clinton we have a Washington insider with impeachable character who is running for a third Obama term. Or two, in Donald Trump we have a Washington outsider with compromised character who promises to make America great again with conservative policies that protect Americans and grow the economy.  With Washington as broken as it is, the choice seems clear.

Tomorrow’s debate between these foes will be must-watch TV.  Trump is always strongest when he puts policy and ideas first, but these will clearly take a backseat to the skeletons in the candidates’ closets.  While the polls have pointed towards Hillary and the rallies towards Trump, what happens over the next month is anyone’s guess. Stay tuned.

Source: Twitter

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