BREAKING: Trump’s Favorability SKYROCKETS…Liberals Are In MELTDOWN! [WATCH]

If you watch the news or read a paper, you would think that Donald Trump had just taken over the country without having been elected in the same manner as every American president before him. The liberal media wants everyone to believe that the majority of the country hates Donald Trump.

Well, the latest numbers prove them wrong. Here is the proof!

According to The Political Insider:

A pair of polling results show that the United States is experiencing a rush of optimism as Trump waits in the wings to assume office on January 20th, 2017.

The first shows that in the wake of Trump’s presidential victory, the number of adults who believe the country is on the right track is at it’s highest level in four years. Coupled with that, the number who believe the country is on the wrong track is at it’s lowest level since 2009.

The second poll number involves Trump’s favorability rating. That number has surged 17 points since August – the largest such increase seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.

Source: The Political Insider

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