BREAKING: The Verdict IS IN…Tim Kaine’s Debate FLOP Casts Major Doubt On…

Anyone who knows anything about Democrat vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s background can understand his demeanor during the debate.

He comes in from the left side of Hillary and their political views are such that, if it were possible, they could be joined at the hip.

Just to give some details of his early years, he spent time in Latin America during the 1980s learning how to be a good Marxist while studying Liberation theology, supported by the Soviet Union.

In Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate, Kaine resorted to the usual bullying tactics of a Marxist agitator basically trying to shout down Republican, Mike Pence. A tactic that didn’t work in this case because Pence was on his game and ready to state his case.

From Breitbart:

Kaine could not stop interrupting Pence, at times sounding high-pitched and shrill, at times whining and defensive. Pence was cool and even-tempered — presidential, in other words, while Kaine seemed to be playing cable news pundit.

The Democrat was often unable to suppress the juvenile impulse to shout campaign talking points, even in the middle of his opponent’s answers. At one point, he interjected: “Our plan is like Ronald Reagan’s plan from 1986.” (Note to Democrats: the Reagan plan failed.)

Later, when the moderator asked why Putin would respect a Trump-Pence administration, Pence answered: “Strength.” Kaine, unable to restrain himself, blurted out: “Business deals.” His smirk betrayed his conviction that he had just scored points, even though the moderator had to instruct him — for the third time, at least — to wait until it was his turn to speak.

Kaine seemed not to understand how un-serious he looked. Pence responded with a steady, and appropriate, put-down: “That’s nonsense.”

 Pence also beat Kaine over the head with the Russian “reset,” Clinton’s email scandal, and the Clinton Foundation. Moderator Elaine Quijano of CBS News stepped in to protect Kaine, especially when it came to the email scandal (though, to her credit, she at least asked about it, unlike NBC News’ Lester Holt in the first presidential debate).

There was nothing in Tim Kaine’s performance that showed he could act like a president. Pence aced that test.

Pence has shown his brilliance against Hillary’s henchman and it will cast some doubt in her mind about her choice in Kaine as a running mate. We like that too because if Hillary has to run around cleaning up Kaine’s messes it gives her less time to clean up her own.

Source:  Breitbart

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