BREAKING: Wikileaks Drops The ULTIMATE Bombshell…The Next Leak Will Lead To…

Today is a day for major news releases—and it’s not over yet.

After the explosive news that Hillary’s FBI case has been reopened, the race has been shaken and stirred.  But it has also left people unsure of what is in the emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer.

So close to the election, Democrats must be worried—but this is going to have them expecting the liberal apocalypse.

From Red State Watcher, Julian Assange is reporting that he has another Wikileaks dump coming up shortly, only days before the election.  But this one comes with a special, diastrous promise.

So after all the leaks, the drip, drip, drip that has worn down the Clinton campaign, Assange seems poised to finnally drop the guillotine, to end the torture, to bring Hillary’s bid for the presidency to a dead end. After his DNC releases and the thousands of documents that have revealed to a large extent Hillary’s monumental corruption, he is finally going to provide evidence that will indict her.

Take a moment to reflect on how Julian Assange used to be lauded by liberals for uncovering secret information on George W. Bush.  But the moment he releases damning evidence on Hillary, she gets John Kerry to convince Ecuador to cut his internet connection.  They may be regretting such action, as they have clearly angered the beast.  This upcoming release may be etched in history books for the next century.

We would hope that Democrats would reconsider voting for the first presidential candidate under open FBI investigation at the end of an election, but the stalwart liberals seem to be unable to help themselves.  And so, no matter what happens with this investigation, which is bound to drag on beyond November 8th, Assange is claiming to have the silver bullet that keeps a corrupt career politician from getting back into the White House.  Stay tuned for more details.

Source: Red State Watcher

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