BREAKING: Wikileaks Catches Obama In CRIMINAL Lie…Proves GUILT In Hillary Scandal!

Here’s a shocker: President Obama didn’t tell the truth about a matter dealing with Hilary Clinton.

What was the issue?

Her private, home-based email server – the same one Obama said he had no idea she used while Secretary of State.

Only he did, according to WikiLeaks.

Louder With Crowder cuts to the chase: “Obama, using one of his favorite tactics of ‘I didn’t hear about it until you heard about it, because I’m not important at all, no one tells me nothing,’ announced he didn’t know Hillary used a private email server. Like everyone else, The Big O was ‘broadsided’ by the news.”

But then, as WikiLeaks awkwardly points out, via more John Podesta hacked messages, Obama has in fact received several emails from Clinton absent the proper “” address.

One Podesta email reads: “we need to clean this up – [Obama] has emails from her – they do not say”

The matter’s clear: Obama lied.

“Barack Obama flat out lied about Hillary’s emails,” Louder With Crowder wrote. “Which makes him a liar, liar pants on fire. Sure we already knew that but we even have more smoking trousers. He’s a double, triple, quadruple liar.”

Moreover, Obama lied in order to protect Clinton’s presidential campaign and fuel her run against Donald Trump, the blogger opined. Why?

“So she could carry on with leftist policies after he vamanoses,” Louder With Crowder penned.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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