Brexit Voters PROVEN Right…Days After Vote, European Union’s SICK Plans REVEALED!

England got out of the European Union just in time.

The British people who voted “Leave” did so in large part because they objected to the “open borders” policy that forced them to accept unwanted, possibly dangerous “refugees,” many from Muslim countries.

Many feared that if they stayed in the EU, and then Turkey was finally granted membership, England could be overrun by millions of migrants from that Muslim nation as well.

Now, according to Breitbart:

In a document on the political union’s foreign policy objectives in light of the UK’s vote to leave, EU officials call for a “stronger Europe” the draws on “the combined weight of a true union”. (…)

In the meantime, it also calls for greater cooperation with Turkey in the hope that it can bring the country’s Islamist government in line with EU accession criteria, including a restoration of relations with the EU state of Cyprus. Turkish citizens should also have easier visa access to the EU, it says. (…)

The document is further evidence that EU leaders are trying to rush integration after the Brexit vote, in a bid to prevent other member states seceding.

Earlier this week, the Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, Elmar Brok, called for the creation of an EU army.

This despite a Pew Research poll showing that a massive majority of EU citizens were opposed to increased defense spending.

Then again, when has the European Union listened to the opinions of ordinary people?

Source: Breitbart

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