British Sniper Saves Convoy With 1200 Meter Shot, Now Fears For Life…From His Own Government

If you thought there weren’t already enough dangers to the lives of the brave soldiers that represent America and her allies, I have another for you. Their own country. Hard to believe no?

As reported by The Telegraph, a British Sniper has been placed under investigation by the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (how Orwellian…).

His crime? Performing his mission and shooting an insurgent before he could fire a rocket on the convoy of his countrymen passing.

If you would like the full account it was also published by the British veterans group “UK Veterans One Voice” here. The short version is this:

A British forward operating post had been receiving regular rocket fire each week from the same insurgent. He would step forward from a crowd that gathered near the mosque next to the camp. When the British had enough of this they set a sniper team out the day before the regular RPG shot was fired. After a night of tense waiting, the 4 men (a sniper team and their rear guard) were in position as the man prepared to shoot.

The sniper made an expert shot from an estimated 1200 meters and killed the insurgent as he prepared to fire. Now he is under investigation for an unlawful killing.

How can this be you might ask? The complaint claims that the man with the rocket was not given a verbal warning first. Let’s lay out the three reasons this is beyond insanity.

  1. The man had demonstrated clear intent to fire the rocket raised to his shoulder over the past several weeks of attacks on the camp. In fact simply pointing the rocket at NATO soldiers is a crime.
  2. The lives of the Snipers comrades were in imminent danger. They were his primary target as a matter of fact.
  3. SCIENCE! The human voice carries 180 meters. The British Sniper was 1200 meters from his target. I would love to see that explained away.

Even as the suicide rates among veterans are at historic highs and climbing to an estimated 22 a day, the governments of our NATO allies are adding fear and stress in to their lives with frivolous and disgraceful investigations.

Lets stand with our servicemen and women to ensure we don’t see this in our country.

Read more: The Telegraph and UK Veterans One Voice

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