Hillary EXPOSED: Bill Clinton RAPE Victim SPEAKS…What She Says Is DEVASTATING!

Hillary Clinton thinks she can run from her past — and her husband’s. She’s counting on the large number of young voters for whom words like “Whitewater” mean nothing. However, some names are harder to forget, especially when these individuals re-emerge to haunt the campaign.

A profile of one such person has now appeared in an unlikely (that is, liberal) media outlet that regularly gets millions of hits.

At BuzzFeed, a reporter gave Juanita Broaddrick a chance to reignite her long battle against the man she says raped her: Bill Clinton…

Through a lawyer in 1999, Bill Clinton denied assaulting Broaddrick and has never been charged. (A spokesperson declined to comment further to BuzzFeed News.) But contrary to what Hillary Clinton alluded to last fall, there is no concrete “evidence” that discredits Broaddrick’s rape claims. (…)

Our understanding of sexual misconduct has evolved, thanks to the record number of women who are speaking out about it.

Juanita Broaddrick seems primed for the same modern reassessment. But the political implications of her claims are too disastrous for liberal politicians and pundits — the people who typically support self-declared rape survivors — to rally around her, especially this close to election day. That means only Clinton-hating conservatives are visibly incensed by her claims, and the more that they amplify Broaddrick’s story, the more skeptical progressives become.

Broaddrick’s case provides a prime example of “progressive” hypocrisy. “Champion of women” Hillary Clinton and her feminist cohort insist that every woman’s claim of rape must be believed — unless that woman endangers the career and reputation of their heroes, in this case, both Clintons.

And before you give too much credit to BuzzFeed for at least picking up this story, note that the reporter can’t help but write snarkily that, unlike Broaddrick, “the other women who’ve accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct (…) have sought celebrity, financial settlements, or book deals.” Unfortunately, in our twisted society, sometimes that’s what you have to settle for when you can’t get basic justice.

Source: BuzzFeed

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