BRUTAL! [WATCH]: Tim Kaine Tried To Defend Hillary…Even CNN Contributors Can’t Help But…

Some have started calling CNN the “Clinton News Network” but that didn’t stop some panelists on the network from mocking her running mate to his face.

Hillary hasn’t made life easy for her vice president pick Tim Kaine. She’s basically left him in the lurch, forcing him to try to defend her many scandalous decisions. On CNN’s “Inside Politics,” the panel laughed as they played a clip of Kaine trying to explain why his boss hasn’t had a press conference in over 270 days.

Kaine insisted that Hillary “talks to the press” everywhere she goes, she just doesn’t hold “formal press conferences.”

“God bless the people who get to be vice presidential nominees, because they get to say things like this,” said the host with a smile. After playing the clip of Kaine’s lame excuse, he laughed and said, “Uh huh?”

Meanwhile, someone else in Hillary’s camp, her lead press secretary Brian Fallon, didn’t really help matters either:

It’s been 272 days since Hillary Clinton’s last press conference. But Clinton’s lead press secretary, Brian Fallon, vowed that if elected, “Hillary Clinton will hold press conferences.”

Remember the Democrats who said with a straight face that you had to pass the bill before you could read it? That’s clearly their idea of “transparency.”

Source: Young Cons

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