Infamous ‘Burn Book’ Leaks To The Public—Dirty Democrats Everywhere Rocked

We are living in an interesting age. An age where decades of corruption is being exposed at a rapid pace.

From Hollywood to D.C., corrupted figures are being outed. Powerful people—including leaders—have been revealed to be predators. And the stories keep coming out.

A group of women in Texas government had to create a list of all the men to avoid. Men who would assault them. This burn book has exposed this horrible trend. Of course, most of the men on this are democrats.

From Red State:

The Daily Beast‘s Olivia Messer posted a disturbing report late Wednesday describing serious allegations of sexual harassment and assault committed by two Texas State Senators (both Democrats), but far more disturbing than the specific allegations against the legislators is the widespread acknowledgement that this is the culture at the Capitol and victims have little to no hope for recourse…

The lengthy article is worth reading in its entirety, but the most salacious accusations include a former legislative intern who says she was standing outside an Austin nightclub when Miles waved a large roll of hundreds of dollars at her, and said, “B****, you want to f*** with me tonight?”…

“Several of the people interviewed for this story asked not to be named, as they still work in politics or journalism and fear either physical or professional retribution for coming forward,” says the disclaimer at the end of her article…

Meanwhile, the women who must continue to walk the halls of the Texas Capitol have resorted to a unique self-help remedy: an anonymous spreadsheet listing male legislators, staffers, lobbyists, consultants, and other politicos who have sexually harassed or assaulted them…

The bottom line is that despite social media hashtags and TIME Magazine covers celebrating women coming forward, here we have a group of intelligent professional women who have given up all hope that the system will protect them, and the best they believe they can do right now is warn each other “it’s not safe to be alone with the men on this list.”

The two men in the article are state Senators Borris Miles (D-Houston) and Carlos Uresti (D-San Antonio). But it seems like the problem goes much deeper. Women in government had to create a list, simply to warn other women. There are so many predators in government, they had to write a book about it.

When President Trump said we needed to drain the swamp, he meant it. I don’t think many of us understood how bad it really was. These people weren’t just taking our money.  They weren’t just passing egregious laws. They were abusing their own staffers. They were assaulting women who trusted them.

It’s high time these scoundrels were driven from office. Permanently.

Source: Red State

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