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BUSTED! Hillary Thought She Was Safe…But Congress Just FORCED The FBI To…
By Cheryl Chumley|September 14, 2016

Talk about an under-reported tidbit of news.

While many doubt that Hillary’s classified email antics with her home-brewed server will be prosecuted in time to bring her down before November 8th, there ahas been some significant movement that must have the Clintons sweating.  The media has been making every effort to ignore it, but it is a serious threat to her presidential bid.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and one of the leading Republican bulldogs trying to get to the truth about Hillary Clinton’s home-based email server, got so angry during a back-and-forth with FBI agents that he took swift action right then and there.

Yes I’m Right reports that Chaffetz actually launched a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

But it was the nugget of truth that emerged from the terse exchange that was even more shocking.

Here’s the backdrop: FBI agents were grilled as to why they thought Hillary Clinton did not understand, during her stint as secretary of State, that the “C” next to certain documents was an abbreviation for the word “classified.” And Chaffetz also demanded why the FBI didn’t provide the committee members investigating Clinton’s email server all the requested reports, a total of 302.

The reports were FBI summaries of their own agents’ investigations into Clinton’s server.

According to the FBI, Chaffetz would have to fill out a Freedom of Information request to get the entire story, which rubbed Chaffetz the wrong way, because before his time was over, he SUED the FBI agent for the withheld documents.

The hearing was fiery—but that’s probably an understatement.

The bigger takeaway was this:

Not only did Chaffetz give the FBI agent ample time to dig himself out of the hole, he proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that the FBI is hiding things from Congress that would be devastating to the Clinton campaign.

It has been so tough to nail Hillary down for anything because the entire Obama administration, including the FBI, is complicit in protecting her for political purposes.  As these revelations come to light, Hillary may be the whale that gets taken down—but there are plenty of fish in the bloated federal bureaucracy that will be outed for their corruption as well.


Source: YesImRight.com

Cheryl Chumley
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