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California Governor Outrages MILLIONS Of His Own Voters With This SICK, Intolerant Demand
By Faith Braverman|March 30, 2017

It’s always hilarious when the atheist left tries to invoke religion. Despite constantly disparaging Christians, many leftists fancy themselves experts on the subject when attempting to insert it into political discussion.

Their hypocrisy is on full display when they attempt to shame Christians into accepting their warped logic. When it comes to social welfare programs, they fully embrace Christ’s message of helping the poor (even though Christ called us to do it ourselves and not through the government.)

Yet when it comes to the issue of gay marriage, liberals say that the Bible should have no say in the matter!

As William Shakespeare said, “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.”

Now the governor of the godless state of California is attempting to lecture followers of Jesus on how they should be behaving towards people who break the law and come into America illegally.

From Breitbart:

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) said it was not a “Christian thing” to build a border wall to stop undocumented immigrants from coming into the United States because he said they were “children of God” and, “They should be treated that way.”

Weird how concepts like the separation of church and state vanish when the left attempts to depict Christians in a poor light.

California attempting to lecture Christians on Christianity is like an illegal immigrant: it just doesn’t work!

California holds the highest number of illegals and is the welfare capital of the United States. No wonder Brown is trying to shame the rest of America into supporting his leech infested state.

One has to wonder how many illegals Brown is sheltering in his fence encircled mansion. Like his IQ, it’s zero. How about before he starts shaming Christians, Brown tries to practice what he preaches?

Governor Brown is merely doing what liberals do best and talking at length about things that he doesn’t understand.

Anyone else in favor of building a wall around California?

Source: Breitbart


Faith Braverman
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