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BREAKING: California Broadcasts Unthinkable Message To Terrorists…This Is Nuts!
By Cheryl Chumley|December 5, 2016

Talk about a travesty of justice.

California, in all its infinite, liberal wisdom, has decided to implement a policy in one of its cities that basically puts the rights of terrorists, and terrorist wanna-bes, at the helm and those of law-abiding citizens, in danger.

Which city? San Francisco, of course, where upside-down thinking is a widely practiced lifestyle.

“San Francisco’s backwars way of thinking has twisted its laws into prioritizing criminal’s rights over innocent people’s lives, and it’s reached a new ridiculous level,” Joe For America wrote. “The San Francisco Police Commission is proposing a necessary way for police officers to handle terrorists who are in the process of mowing down a crowd.”

The commission, comprised of members with absolutely no street police experience – surprise, surprise, in liberal land, California – offered up the policy in the wake of a terrorist using a car to plow down and mutilate its citizen targets.

“According to Blue Lives Matter, the San Francisco Police Commission passed the revised use of force policy which forces cops to ‘de-escalate’ a terrorist situation by non-deadly force. This specifically applies to when a terrorist drives into a crowd of people.”

Come again?

The commissioners’ logic is that officiers shouldn’t stop the car-plowing activities of terrorists by killing them – or by scaring them by drawing and brandishing their guns.

Curiously, the commissioners don’t really suggest a better alternative. They only say the shooting of the car-driving terrorist is “inherently dangerous,” ostensibly to the community at-large.

But know what else is inherently dangerous?

Broadcasting a “do not kill” policy to would-be terrorists. And then forcing police to act on that “do not kill” policy.

“Why is it that people who have no clue about how minimizing terrorism works feel that they are somehow qualified to criticize it?”

Source: Joe For America

Cheryl Chumley
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