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California Just Drove Off A Liberal CLIFF! Promises Every American Free…
By Kay Johnson|April 10, 2017

Despite the fact that California is rapidly deteriorating due to poor political decisions, the left keeps cooking up new ways to ensure the state’s demise.

It’s grand political theatre on the part of the liberal state, who have been throwing a temper tantrum ever since President Trump won the election.

Yet through their wailing and gnashing of teeth, the state’s leaders are blind to the fact that their actions truly hurt no one but themselves.

Except now, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has teamed up with radical socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders to introduce a bill which will further worsen not just California’s economic situation, but the entire country’s.

From Yes I’m Right:

The two of them put forward a bill in the Senate that would make colleges and universities “tuition-free for the vast majority of Americans.” …They keep throwing out the word free as if it makes them generous. It doesn’t make them generous, it makes them pickpockets of the working American.

Despite the fact that nothing in this world is free, our $20 trillion dollar deficit simply cannot afford yet another entitlement program.

Offering young Americans something for nothing is the surest way to get them dependent on the government, rendering their education meaningless and destroying their work ethic. If they believe the government will constantly give them handouts, where is their motivation to succeed?

Thankfully now that Republicans control all three branches of government, the bill is unlikely to pass.

Perhaps placing a temporary ban on all legislation coming out of California is necessary to keep the disease of liberalism in check before it infects the rest of the nation. Come on, CalExit!

Source: Yes I’m Right

Kay Johnson
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