BREAKING: Hidden Cam Exposes Hillary’s SINISTER Plan! Will Use Executive Order To…

A newly released video from Project Veritas shows a thing or two about Hillary Clinton’s true views of the Second Amendment, and her real plans for gun rights if elected to the presidency.

And for anyone who’s a carrier, who may one day want to be a carrier, or who may not want be a carrier but favors the right of others to carry—the video revelations don’t bring good news.

As Louder With Crowder wrote: “Project Veritas recently released another undercover video. James O’Keefe and friends went undercover at a Democrat fundraiser for Russ Feingold, secretly recording.”

So what did they find out?


Louder With Crowder continued: “While at the fundraiser, which was hosted by Clinton friend and donor Amy Rao, a Project Veritas journalist spoke with former Senator Feingold and his donors about gun control. When asked what Hillary Clinton would do about the Second Amendment, Feingold said without hesitation, ‘Well, there might be an
executive order.'”

Here comes Obama Redeux, government by pen and cell phone rather than Congress and “we the people” consent.

“This confirms what conservatives fear about a possible Clinton, or any Democrat, presidency: stripping people of their rights,” Louder With
Crowder wrote. “Because feelings, or political correctness, or political agendas – take your pick. Her cronies talk about stomping on the Second Amendment nonchalantly over shrimp cocktails. But you’re just paranoid.”

Source: Louder With Crowder

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