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SHOCK CLAIM: This Is The REAL Border Threat…Less Than 1% Secure as 25k New Arabs Arrive
By PJ Editor|April 20, 2016

Well, this is enough to terrify anyone. Michelle Malkin is reporting in National Review that a perfect storm of budget cuts, bad policy, and lack of seriousness have made the US-Canadian border the biggest threat to national security.

The first problem comes from our ever welcoming neighbors to the north…

Canada’s sloppy, rushed, and reckless Syrian-refugee resettlement program is America’s looming national-security nightmare.

Donald Trump shouldn’t just be promising to build a Mexican border wall. He (and any other sovereignty-minded presidential candidate) should be vowing to rebuild the decimated “wall” of first-line watchdogs, field-enforcement and patrol officers on our northern border. The urgency could not be greater.

How bad could it be, you ask?

The Canadian liberal government has fast-tracked tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims into its country over the past five months and now plans to double its interim 25,000 goal by 2019. The bleeding-heart Canucks are forging ahead despite reports this week of the country’s failed $16 million screening program to stop Islamic terrorists from slipping through the cracks.
Surely the US is beefing up enforcement, right? Not so much…
Little has changed since the U.S. Government Accountability Office reported in 2011 that a measly 32 miles out of the 4,000-mile border was deemed secure by Border Patrol agents heavily dependent on non-DHS personnel for support.
The article goes into further detail about just how pathetic our border control measures are. Across the entire state of Montana, we rely on 100 rancher volunteers to police the border and at any given time we have only 300 federal agents for the entire 3987 mile stretch!
Source: National Review
PJ Editor
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