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BREAKING: One Candidate Just Picked Up Nebraska’s Delegates BEFORE The Vote! – Is This Legal?
By PJ Editor|April 15, 2016

Ted Cruz may have already beaten Donald Trump in yet another state through a superior ground game despite the fact that they don’t even vote until May 10th!

That is because in some of the late voting states, they choose their delegates before the voters go to the polls.

Since Cruz has so much grassroots support among party regulars, he has been able to place his backers in those slots. Donald Trump has so far failed to organize for delegate selection.

That appears to be the case in Nebraska.

According to Breitbart…

“Party officials say they saw virtually no organization by the mogul’s campaign last week when Republicans in all 93 Nebraska counties held local conventions. Those county conventions picked 800 delegates to May’s Nebraska state convention, where 33 delegates to the national convention in Cleveland will be selected,” Politico reports. “Because there was little resistance, many county conventions became Cruz pep rallies, according to interviews with party insiders and convention attendees.”

Source: Breitbart

PJ Editor
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