Dem Consultant Carville STUNS Reporter On Rigged Election…NOBODY Thought He’d ADMIT This!

One of the biggest problems with putting the Clinton’s back into the White House (besides the fact the they’ll be in the White House) is that it brings to light old, unpleasant people we wished we’d never see again.

The Clinton’s have a history of surrounding themselves with vile cronies, duplicitous, unpleasant people who help them bend the laws of the land to give them an advantage. People who are fit better in a bad James Bond novel, rather than in real life.

Sad to say, this election brought back the Crypt Keeper-like visages of James Carville. This goblin-like man has been a Clinton hanger-on for well over 20 years. Make no mistake, he was once a cut-throat, diabolical and effective strategist for the Clinton’s. Now all he can do is appear on TV to scare little children.

And what he has to say is scary to all of us.

From Breitbart:

Late Wednesday following the third and final presidential debate, long-time Clinton confidant and Democratic strategist James Carville reacted to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Trump allies suggesting there is the possibility that this election could be “rigged.”…

“On the question of will there be fraud in the election?” he continued. “Look, there’s going to be between 130 and 140 million people vote. Well, of course, there is going to be some fraud. You couldn’t have 130 million, 140 million people do something perfectly.”

That’s just the sort of thing Carville would say. He’s never hidden his agenda from the public eye. He’s evil and he knows it. He’s not afraid to admit there will be fraud, because he thinks his buddies are too powerful to be stopped.

But the fact remains we’ve long left a time where decrepit figures like Carville have sway in our political discussion. The American people are taking back our country, depriving insider politicians their cozy positions of power.

Carville can say all he wants, but his time is over. So it’s Hillary’s.

Will there be fraud this election? There already has been, in the form of the Clinton campaign. But we can assure they will not steal this election, so long as we go out in vote in record numbers.

Source: Breitbart

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