BOOM: Hollywood Celebrity Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary…Trump is THRILLED! – WOW

“Progressive” comedian Patton Oswalt tried to put a spin on Hillary Clinton’s recurring health problems by tweeting that, by insisting on going to the 9/11 memorial despite (allegedly) having pneumonia, Clinton was a “badass” and therefore deserved to be president.

However, another celebrity — with whom the word “badass” is more frequently associated — begs to differ.

From Mad World News:

Martial arts expert and actor Steven Seagal had quite the busy night on Twitter recently, releasing a rant that everyone with common sense can agree with. His sites were set on Hillary Clinton, and he laid into her big time.




After getting some push-back, Seagal doubled down:

He was just getting started.

Following some back and forth with others on Twitter, Seagal was blunt:

An America without a democrat in the White House, is a SAFER America.

Add Seagal’s name to the lengthening list of Hollywood players who are fighting back against the liberal agenda.

Credit: Mad World News

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