WHOA: SICK Celebrity Has Fans ‘WHACK’ Trump…THIS Will STUN You! [WATCH]

Aging rock bands might make for some great musical nostalgia, but they don’t necessarily make for good politics.  As left-wing political has-beens fighting the battles of forty years ago, they just look silly now.

Faculty members at major universities have engaged in similar behavior, especially those who were students themselves during the turbulent 1960’s.  Having moved from radical leftist student to radical leftist assistant professor with a bit less hair, they longed to share their legacy with their students.

Their frustration was obvious as they found that their students were more interested in getting jobs upon graduation than they were in burning down those prospective employers’ buildings.  Unable to get even a mildly violent demonstration started, these tragic professors must have despaired at what had become of the younger generation.  Having witnessed this as a university student in the late 1970’s, it was something to behold.

So we have the pitiful spectacle of Axl Rose and his band Guns N’ Roses trying to get the audience worked up over Trump’s victory.  Explains Red State, “At a concert earlier this week, Guns N’ Roses invited their concert goers to come onstage to destroy a Donald Trump piñata. In the video published by TMZ, Axl Rose, lead singer, can be seen encouraging fans, ‘Let’s bring in some people, and give them a f—–g stick,’ he said. ‘I want you to express yourselves, however you feel.'”

Well, what’s to be made of this?

First, our apologies to Mr. Rose for having completely forgotten that he and his group ever existed.  Second, we don’t remember any of his songs. And third, and worse, we were not even sure if he was still alive.

With that out of the way, what we have here is an aging adult acting like he’s some young rebel.  So all he is succeeding at is bringing ridicule on himself.  Of course, he has every right to act like a fool, and if other fools want to spend their money to watch, so be it.

Red State makes another excellent point.  Consider the hypocrisy.  Suppose Rose or some other group asked audience members to come forward and take a swipe at an Obama piñata.  Now we would have had an event that made the news.  Not because it was newsworthy, but because it would have given the major media an opportunity to scream “racism” and blame the despicable act on conservatives, Trump supporters, “fake news” sites, the Russians, the Baptists, or whomever.

So what this has shown, however, is that it is long past time for Mr. Rose and his team to take their retirements and fade into oblivion.

If you wish to suffer through the relevant portion of this performance, here you go.

Source:  Red State

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