Celebrity Conservative Interviews Americans About Donald Trump…What They Tell Him Is Awesome! [WATCH]

It’s not news that “Republican” and “celebrity” aren’t two words commonly used back to back.

Of course there are conservatives in show business. There always have been. But today, when seemingly everyone, famous or not, seems more candid about their political leanings, all it takes is one “wrong” tweet to jeopardize an actor or musician’s career.

Fortunately, not all Republican celebrities are content to remain in the closet, especially not during what’s turning out to be one of the most exciting and controversial presidential races in living memory.

On behalf of Fox News, two of those famous faces — Scott Baio and Judge Jeanine Pirro — took cameras to New York City’s Trump Tower to ask average Americans what they thought of “The Donald.”


That two Trump Towers employees showed enthusiasm for their boss’s campaign probably isn’t surprising. But others in the lobby were revved up, too.

One man refused to trade his Trump t-shirt for Baio’s buttoned down one. Another declared, “Anybody with half a brain” would vote for the presumptive GOP candidate.

The people have spoken!

Credit: YesImRight.com

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