CEO Sends HARASSING Anti-Trump Email To Employees…Forces SERIOUS DROP In Company’s…

We need to take note of everyone currently attacking Trump and his supporters. This was a free election, open to every American citizen, to select the next president.

And despite the fact Hillary Clinton spent more than $1 billion to secure the White House, enlisting the media, celebrities and powerful democratic entities to win over the country, she lost —significantly.

Donald Trump, by comparison, ran a lean campaign, connecting with people on a personal level, leveraging social media and numerous appearances to win the Electoral College.

America now needs to accept the results and move forward into a better future. Every celebrity, college professor and business owner who expresses vile outrage over the election must be held accountable. They are entitled to their opinions, but death threats, hate speech, and bullying employees is not acceptable.

We already talked about the disgraceful and quite possibly illegal behavior of Matt Maloney, CEO of food service GrubHub. The abuse he gave his own employees violates their freedoms of speech and a secret ballot, no doubt creating a hostile work environment for anyone who voted for Trump.

And it seems customers and stock holders are not okay with that.

From Louder With Crowder:

GrubHub, an online food delivery service, is facing a firestorm after CEO Matt Maloney sent an anti-Donald Trump email to employees.

Maloney wrote in the email to 1,000-plus employees that Trump’s “nationalist, anti-immigrant and hateful politics” have no place at GrubHub. “If you do not agree with this statement, then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here. We do not tolerate hateful attitudes on our team.”

Now the company is facing a backlash and a significant stock drop. GrubHub (NYSE: GRUB) shares closed Friday at $35.31, a drop of nearly five percent.

The app currently has a star rating of 1 1/2 out of 5.

Obviously stockholders anticipate a massive decline in business. Half the population voted for Trump, after all.

The problem here? Alienating half the country with baseless accusations isn’t exactly good for business. Ask any leftist who tried it (see LIVID: Wanda Sykes Loses It When Crowd Boos Her Anti-Trump Tirade and Uh Oh! Bud Light Pulls Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen Ad After Sales Drop). And demanding people to quit simply over political differences? Possibly not the best idea. Might I suggest taking a leadership class. Also anger management.

Mahoney’s email can be construed as discrimination, as any republican who works at the company can expect a hostile environment from their boss and other coworkers, opening GrubHub up to legal actions.

Unless the other leadership removes Mahoney from his position, GrubHub’s days are number for sure.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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