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KABOOM: House Chairman Slams “Mediscare,” Swears Republicans Will…
By Cheryl Chumley|December 2, 2016

One of Capitol Hill’s most talked about entitlement programs is Medicare and specifically, when the funding streams for the entitled will run dry.

Congressional leaders have been bantering for years about the need to amend the program, cut the program, and even outright abolish the program, saying it will fall under the weight of its own financial demands within years. But political will has largely left the program intact – and growing.

Perhaps that will soon change.

“GOP Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, head of the Ways and Means Committee, insisted Republicans won’t be deterred by the politics, even though Donald Trump won election as president on promises to protect the popular health care program for older Americans, and Democrats are already warning of a ‘war on seniors,'” the Associated Press reported.

So what’s that mean exactly?

Well according to Brady, House Republicans are moving to change Medicare, all in order to save and protect it. And that means voters shouldn’t listen to the scare tactics of Democrats, he went on.


“Democrat tactics of ‘Mediscare’ have been around a long time,” Brady said to AP. “They’ve stopped working. Voters have figured out Republicans want to save Medicare for the long term and they know that those who say everything’s just fine with it aren’t leveling with them.”

Brady said incremental changes are in the works, small enough so that Americans won’t be scared off but large enough to accomplish reform and realize real savings.

Of utmost importance, he was, was keeping up with inflation.

“So I envision 2017 as taking steps, small, in preparing for larger steps to save Medicare for the long term,” Brady said.

Preemptive strike against looming Democrat attacks? Very likely – but still, a smart move on the part of the GOP.

“Democrats have already made clear that they view the GOP focus on Medicare as a ripe political target,” AP reported. “The incoming Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer of New York, fired an opening salvo earlier this week when he declared at a press conference: ‘It’s clear that Washington Republicans are plotting a war on seniors next year.'”

Source: Associated Press

Cheryl Chumley
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