CHAOS: Democrats REVOLT Against Latest Recounts…Including One SHOCKING Dem Leader!

The media mantra is that Jill Stein, the Green Party’s failed candidate for president, is doing a good thing for the country by demanding recounts of ballots in Wisconsin.

After all, the messaging goes, what’s wrong with making sure every vote cast is a vote counted?

But here’s a thought that’s not really well-reported: It’s not just Republicans and Donald Trump supporters who are disgusted with Stein’s effort, which has now been endorsed by Hillary Clinton. It’s also those on the left.

“Democrats are unenthusiastic about the recount effort … seeing it as a futile effort that serves only to distract opponents of President-elect Donald Trump’s policy and personnel decisions,” the Hill reported.

Some Democrats have even used the same term Trump’s used to describe the situation – a “scam,” pushed by Stein as a fundraising mechanism.

Take a look at this: She’s already raised more than $6 million to fund recounts in Wisconsin, as well as in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The common denominator of these three states? They were all crucial to Trump’s win.

“It’s a waste of time and money,” said Democratic strategist Joe Trippi, in the Hill. “It is not going to change anything. I think it probably was the Stein people looking for a way to stay relevant, raise some money and take the stink off of them.”

Stein, for her part, denies the accusations – even while admitting the recount probably won’t do anything.

And now whispers are coming that even the Clinton camp is less enthusiastic than previously let on.

“My sense,” said Robert Shrum, a Democratic strategist who’s worked several campaigns, the Hill reported, “is that the Clinton people would have preferred this not to happen and are going to be involved only in a monitoring capacity.”

Then Shrum added this, a quick wake-up call to Democrats: “People are way over-excited about the thing,” and there’s “no chance” it will change the election’s outcome, the Hill reported.

Source: The Hill

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