Chaos Promised For Trump’s Convention…But Who’s Threatening It Will SHOCK You!

Although Donald Trump has resolutely beaten all of his rivals, clinching the GOP nomination, there are still some who predict chaos at the Republican National Convention.

During Trump’s rise to popularity there was a contingent group of Republicans against his nomination. The #NeverTrump crowd quickly lost momentum as more and more Americans voted for Trump.

In more recent days we’ve seen plenty of important conservative voices and leaders coming out in support of Trump. He met with leaders in Washington, who came out practically overjoyed with what they saw and heard from the candidate. He continues to rise in the polls as Hillary’s dark past comes to bite her in the ass.

It’s clear that going into November, Trump will be the man to beat.

But of course the liberal media hates this and will do everything in their power to cast shade on the Trump train.

Socialist rag, New York Times, is trying to portray the convention as a scene of total anarchy, inflating rumors that some within the party will try to resist Trump’s nomination.

From NYT:

Republicans are bracing for the possibility of a drawn-out fight over Donald J. Trump’s nomination that could stretch into the convention next week, a spectacle party leaders are desperate to avoid.

As the party’s governing body convened in Cleveland on Wednesday for a series of organizational meetings, the possibility that the smoldering dissent over Mr. Trump could become a full-blown eruption on the convention floor was a top concern.

Since when are “organizational meetings” a sign that dissent will erupt at the Convention? At this point only a few ignorant pundits are opposed to Trump. The overwhelming majority of American conservatives have voted in support of the man. Only the most foolish would believe that Republicans would try to oppose that.

Oh wait, it’s the New York Times. Yeah they are the most foolish.

Similar speculation has arisen over the Democratic convention, considering many Bernie Sanders supporters are bitter over Hillary.

Yet the Times doesn’t mention the many who plan on going to their convention to protest and cause trouble. They don’t talk about the many Bernie supporters who are abandoning their party because he’s betrayed them with a Clinton endorsement.

The truth is there is little evidence that “chaos” will erupt at the Republican convention. Despite the few conservatives that have reservations about the business mogul, few can argue that he is the nominee for the party.

Anything to suggest a move to stop him is wild speculation. But that’s where the liberal media is at now: groundless speculation to undermine the popular candidate.

Source: NYT

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