BOOM – Charles Krauthammer NAILS It!…Defends Trump, Destroys Media With Just ONE Word!

Dr. Charles Krauthammer has been a fixture in the American conservative movement for decades, and he brings something to the table no one else can.

The author and columnist, like many establishment Republicans, was less than enthusiastic about Donald Trump’s candidacy and never hesitated to criticize the GOP candidate on TV and in print.

However — possibly because now-President Trump praised Krauthammer during his widely-discussed press conference — Krauthammer isn’t among those, right and left, who saw that event as proof of Trump’s insanity, stupidity or recklessness.

Quite the opposite in fact:

Krauthammer told Fox News that unlike the Trump haters who called the president “unhinged,” he found him quite “hinged”:

I found him hinged… it was a stream of consciousness. It was a performance unlike any other. You think of the JFK press conferences or Reagan or others. This is a performance art. I suppose I’m willing to be schooled on this that you have to judge him by his own terms. If you try to connect the dots or the sentences or the fragments, it doesn’t always hold together. I must say of course the high point was when he mentioned me. I thought I was going to be the surprise new National Security Advisor so I was somewhat disappointed…

The country is really divided, he’s not the one who caused it but his supporters will love this and those who are skeptical about him are going to wonder about how hinged he is.

The real story of the press conference wasn’t anything Trump said but the way the mainstream media reported on it. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy that made them look even more idiotic than usual.

For example, Trump calmly noted that the media would describe him as “ranting and raving.” Sure enough, almost every report on the press conference replayed that clip, proving Trump’s point.

Perhaps the most telling question came when a clearly worried journalist pointedly asked Trump if he was worried that using expressions like “fake news” might undermine the public’s trust in the media.

As if it could be undermined any further! How out of touch can they be?

As Krauthammer said, for Trump’s millions of fans, the press conference was a thrilling victory that simply shored up their support for the commander in chief.

Source: The Right Scoop

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