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Chelsea Clinton Proves She’s Even More Dumb Than Her Mother—With The Most Embarrassing Tweet EVER
By Faith Braverman|March 28, 2017

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton has no shortage of sycophants surrounding her that are more than eager to laud her for accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Her well connected parents have paved the way for Chelsea to have several distinguished careers, including earning a six-figure salary for being a glorified intern at NBC.

She left that cake walk to be Vice-Chair of her mother’s scandal ridden Clinton Foundation. Ain’t nepotism great?

But not even having a mother that ran two unsuccessful presidential bids can save Chelsea from herself. Her latest Tweet proves that connections are no replacement for brains.

Warning, reading this tweet may cause the loss of brain cells.

She was responding to THIS:

The response from the Twitterverse was swift and scathing for the confused Clinton.

It’s hard to believe that Clinton has a Masters from Oxford when she’s constantly exposing her profound level of stupidity.

No wonder John Podesta stated in his leaked emails that calling Chelsea Clinton “not smart” is an “understatement.”

Just last week, Clinton earned a new job for the fifth best travel booking website Expedia on its Board of Directors. No word on whether or not the company will pull the plug on her employment, but when you’re a Clinton, being held accountable for your actions seems unlikely.

Please Chels, do us all a favor and delete your Twitter account.

Source: The Daily Wire

Faith Braverman
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