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‘Sanctuary City’ Chicago Does UNTHINKABLE For Illegals…American Taxpayers Are Outraged!
By Faith Braverman|April 24, 2017

It’s been 94 years since Chicago has had a Republican mayor, and it definitely shows.

Chicago’s liberal policies have created an impoverished and uneducated inner city community.

Many citizens have no money and no hope of ever climbing out of their total dependence on the government, and have become angry and murderous like never before.

But Mayor Rahm Emmanuel apparently thinks there are no problems with his city at all.

In fact, he’s so convinced that his city isn’t slowly dying that he just made a drastic decision that’s making taxpayers livid.

From The Daily Wire:

[T]he city council voted 44 to 4 in favor of making such IDs available to the city’s populace, including illegal immigrants, at the urging of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who stated that the city council had “a moral obligation” to provide these IDs to bring people “out of the shadows.”

“We are a welcoming city,” Emanuel said. “Everybody in this chamber has, one time or another, talked about taking people out of the shadows into the daylight to help them.”

Emanuel also argued that it was necessary to help illegal immigrants feel protected, especially after a DREAMer was recently deported. He said that any information collected on illegal immigrants through the issuing of IDs will be expunged so the federal government won’t be able to obtain it.

The program is estimated to cost a staggering $3 million, and opens up huge can of worms that have the city’s residents panicking.

Criminals in need of a new name will be able to head to Chicago and claim they are illegal and need an ID, and they will get one. This in turn can be used to commit welfare fraud because those with Chicago ID cards will be eligible for benefits. If they want even more benefits, they can get multiple IDs under different names and watch their benefits multiply.

Evidently Chicago has an unlimited supply of benefits for everyone.

The city has larger problems facing it than the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Chicago is experiencing record level shootings and murders, yet Emmanuel is most concerned with protecting illegals and all forms of criminals wishing to disguise their true identities by using taxpayer funds to distribute false IDs to anyone who wants one.

His “moral obligation” should lie with his city’s lawful residents who are suffering, not the illegal immigrant population.

If Rahm Emmanuel’s true goal is to further destroy his city, then this program makes perfect sense.

Source: The Daily Wire

Faith Braverman
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