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Christian Student FLAGS Islamic Extremist to his Professor—Then the Unthinkable Happens
By Kay Johnson|March 29, 2017

Twenty-year-old Marshall Polston is an exemplary student. He not only consistently receives straight A’s, he seeks to challenge his ideas by listening to opinions differing from his own.

Sadly, this attitude was not shared by the professor of his Middle Eastern Studies class at Rollins College.

Professor Zufari, like so many other liberal professors, attempts to control the way her students think by belittling their beliefs while exulting hers.

Polston was repeatedly forced to endure her rants on Christianity, including her claims that the crucifixion of Jesus never took place and that Christ’s disciples didn’t believe he was the son of God.

A Christian himself, as well as a frequent traveler to the Middle East, Polston attempted to engage in a dialogue with the professor, who instead decided to give him a low grade on an essay with no explanation while complaining about him to the dean, stating Polston made her feel “unsafe”.

Yet it was a Muslim student’s comments during class that made not just Polston, but several other students, feel unsafe.

From The College Fix:

Zufari led a discussion about the application of Sharia Law. Polston claims that during this discussion, a male Muslim student said gays and adulterers should be beheaded under Sharia Law.

“I spoke out to the professor about the grade and subsequently the decapitation comments made by the student,” Polston told The Fix. “The statement by the conservative Muslim student met such fear by some that one of the students reported it to the FBI.

Later, I was reported by the professor to the dean of campus safety. The situation was surreal.

We’ve already had one too many attacks in Orlando and as an avid traveler I realized this was the perfect example of ‘see something, say something.’”

Instead of being hailed a hero for exposing someone making dangerous claims, the unthinkable happened.

Polston was suspended.

The letter sent to him by the university stated that his “actions have constituted a threat of disruption within the operations of the College and jeopardize the safety and well-being of members of the College community and yourself.”

How far America’s institutions of higher learning have fallen when those preaching violence are protected while those that call it out are not.

This is exactly the kind of cowering to Islam that America must reject if it is to maintain its values of freedom of speech. Why is Islam the one religion no one is allowed to criticize?

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“Our university should be a place where free-speech flashes and ideas can be spoken of without punishment or fear of retribution,” Polston stated.

“In my case it was the total opposite. … I came forward with the story because I know so many other students like me suffer under today’s liberal academic elite.”

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Source: The College Fix

Kay Johnson
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